fullsizeoutput_2ccaOver the past 20+ years I’ve built and lead talented teams across multiple timezones whilst helping global brands such as J&J, Colgate Palmolive, GSK, Ford Motor Company, and Etihad Airlines digitally transform.

I’m grateful to have a career I love that’s also allowed me to experience life as a ‘global citizen’ having worked in Australia, London, Dubai, and most recently NYC.  Throughout this time I’ve worn many hats from Managing Director to Digital Strategist, Programme Director, Usability Consultant and Client Partner – a unique experience that’s armed me with a diverse range of skills, and access to a global network of ridiculously talented individuals.

SmileDigital brings together everything I’ve learnt and continue to learn, my network of experts, and focusses it all toward achieving client success and growth that can be measured.

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